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A photo of Cayleigh.
About HillBilly Acres.
I started out my farming journey just over 2 years ago, with a few laying hens, a couple calves and some meat chickens. My family has been farming for generations, mostly in the dairy side of cows. Since that time the farm and the business has grown a lot.
A photo of Mocha the calf.
This was our very first calf I ever bought for the farm.
A photo of cows.
Two Large Beef in the Sun.
Two beautifully raised Holstein Bulls. We have about 60 head of cattle throughout the whole year.
A photo of a happy calf.
Calf in the box.
We created a box to put into the back of our trucks to pick-up animals with. This little baby calf got the trip for the day.
A photo of happy little lambs.
Baby Lambs
These were the first batch of lambs ever. They are wearing dog jackets to keep themselves warm until there wool can grow in.
A photo of a dozen free run brown eggs.
A sample view of a dozen of our Free Run Brown Eggs. On Average we raise 200 laying hens and about 600 meat chickens.
A photo of happy brown calf.
A Calf in the Field.
Young Beef Calf grazing in the field at sunset.
A photo of happy chicks.
These cute little fluffy yellow chicks will grow up pretty quickly to be your average roasting chickens. I also raise about 100 ducks.
A photo of happy Pasture Lambs.
Pasture Lambs.
Our lambs spend their adult life in our pastures. Currently we have about 40 lambs Free-Ranging on the grass.
We look forward to being able to provide good quality meat, and
service to all our customers.
Please Contact us today.