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We get our calves from local dairy farmers, usually steers as they serve no purpose for being milk cows. We use a mix of Holstein and Angus for our beef. Our beef are about 10 months to 1 year old when processed. They are raised without the use of hormones and antibiotics. Processing our beef this young keeps it tender and low in fat.
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We use a variety of Ontario hatcheries for our chicken. We generally use the breed White Rock, they are a fast growing meat chicken. We use a medicated feed for our chicks for the first 2 weeks of their life. Helps get them fast the most vulnerable stage of being sick. We raise our chickens using the Free Run method, Indoors but not in cages. They have space to run around and do what chickens do. They have the average life span of 8-10 weeks at this time they weight around 5-6 pounds. We use these as our whole roasting chickens, as well we get them cut into pieces. Boneless Breast, Thighs, Drumsticks, Wings, and Leg Quarters. Chicken Carcasses are also available for soups and broth.
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The best meat duck we have come across is the Peking duck. Medium sized bird with a thicker skin. Our ducks are raised Free Range meaning they go outside and hangout in the pond eating bugs and grubs. They are also supplemented with a duck pellet to give them some more protein. A ducks lifespan is about 17-20 weeks, depending on the weather. Did you know duck is very lean? Almost as lean as chicken, most people see duck as a greasy meat which is incorrect. The only fat on a duck is the skin. We sell our ducks whole, Boneless Breast, Leg Quarters and Wings. Duck carcasses are also available for soups and broth.
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We get our lamb from local farmers, bottle lambs. On average they are only around 3 weeks old, drinking from a bottle twice a day. While the little lambs grow they get a lamb creep which is a textured sweet pellet to help supplement more protein during the day, along with some hay. At about 6-7 weeks they move to full pellets and hay. When they are around 3-4 months of age they spend all their time on pasture until they are 1.5 years old, Supplemented with some pellets nearing the finishing stage to fill them out before processing. We sell our lamb in Ground, Stew, Legs, boneless legs, racks, shanks, and burgers.
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Our site is currenty under development. Please return soon. Thanks.
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Our site is currenty still under development. Please return soon. Thanks.